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Magic Translator 8.23

Magic Translator 8.23: Online translate word, sentence, passage, Web up to 53 languages. to launch another word editor to edit your translation sources and results and save to disk your works. The Build-in Web browser can lead you to any website with simultaneous translation. The IE Observer can be integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer and monitor the websites you are browsing. Just a simple select and click on the button, you can get the specified web pages translated into your own language. Or display the translation result in

Web Translator 8.23: Translate Website, Webpages, Text up to 53 languages worldwide.
Web Translator 8.23

tor supports either single word translation when you are searching the corresponding word in another language, or sentences translation when you are chatting with a foreigner, or even entire passage translation that meets your specific needs and Web translation when you are browsing foreign laguage content based website. The Build-in Web browser can lead you to any website with simultaneous translation. The IE Observer can be integrated into Microsoft

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ExcelTrans 5.4: ExcelTrans is an excellent internet translator for file and website translation
ExcelTrans 5.4

ExcelTrans is an excellent internet translator. It can be used for your daily translation, such as email translation, Website translation, Microsoft Office document translation especially Excel document. It supports 52 languages:English, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian.

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Translation Pad 2.14: Translation software: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
Translation Pad 2.14

Translation software Translation Pad is a simple internet machine language translation tool. The software supports the following language pairs: English to German, English to Spanish, English to French, English to Portuguese, English to Italian, German to English, French to English, Spanish to English, Portuguese to English, Italian to English, German to French and French to German. Text-to-speech feature to read the translated text is included.

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Clicktionary 3.2.2

translations in just one click. It offers translations from English to more than 10 languages including German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese and more! Simply click on any word you want to translate while web surfing, reading and writing emails, or chatting and it will provide you translations instantly. Clicktionary also allows you to play English word games, store translated words in your personal vocabulary to review

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GETrans - German to English Translator 1.6: German to English language translation software - FAST -
GETrans - German to English Translator 1.6

German texts into English, but can also help in translating individual English words into German. With a translation database exceeding 220,000 German words and phrases, including many scientific and technical terms, GE Trans produces draft translations which can be readily polished into a finished translation, or simply used as a reference. You can easily modify entries in the database, or add your own new translations. Edit your text with many

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MultiTranse 6.5.1: Online translation from 22 different languages; words, phrases, sentences, text.
MultiTranse 6.5.1

to download it from the Microsoft`s official website. The program comes with a multilingual user interface that is very simple and easy to use. First, you insert text, either by typing it, copying from the clipboard or opening a file. Then, press the button that identifies the language of the original. The next step is to choose the language the word, phrase, sentence or text needs to be translated to. Press the button to start translation. Important

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